All Pikkujätti locations have a laboratory, which is open during the general opening hours of the medical centre.

The following laboratory samples can be examined during the weekends:

  • CRP
  • White blood cells
  • Rapid antigen testing and cultivation of streptococcus in the pharynx
  • Urinanalysis

A doctor’s referral is required for the examinations, and the result is generally given by the attending physician. We use the compensation method connected with the Sickness Insurance for Finnish Citizens (KELA). A private patient only pays the excess fee for laboratory examinations.
It is possible to come to most examinations without a scheduled appointment.
We perform nearly all necessary laboratory examinations.
The most common examinations are performed by quick tests while the patient is waiting, and the result is given during the same visit to the medical centre.
The sampling facilities of the laboratory are designed for children, and the nurses are used to taking samples from children.

Enquiries and appointments: Pikkujätti tel. +358 10 380 8000.