Welcome to Pikkujätti

Help and care easily at home
Through Pikkujätti’s remote appointments, you can easily reach a paediatrician who will assess the child's illness and need for care, and give instructions for home care. You can chat with a doctor or book a remote appointment by phone or video.
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Child Health Clinic
Pikkujätti offers comprehensive health care services for children aged 0-7 years. The clinic services are open to all.
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Finnish company

Pikkujätti has been part of the lives of families for 30 years. Owned by the original family as well as Pikkujätti’s physicians.

All designed for children

We are the only medical chain in Finland that focuses solely on the care of children and young people. We know that kids will be kids.

Strong expertise

Pikkujätti has all the expertise related to the illnesses, growth and development of children and young people.

Did you know that Aava Medical Centre is the sister company of Pikkujätti?
Pikkujätti takes care of children, while Aava tends to the parents, grannies, grandads and godparents. The Finnish family-owned company Aava already operates in 12 localities. In many cities, you can find Aava right next to Pikkujätti.
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