Nina Johtimo lastenkirurgi

Nina Johtimo

Specialist in Paediatric Surgery

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I am an experienced pediatric surgeon. I am very interested in pediatric trauma and orthopedics, i.e. I take care of wounds, fractures, burn injuries, distensions, strain injuries in athletes as well as other children.

I also treat basic pediatric surgery such as hernias, foreskin or testicular problems, wetting, reflux, back and joint pain, lumps, malformations and stomach pain.

I operate in general anesthesia in Pikkujätti Tapiola. Minor problems such as removals of lumps or moles, wedge excisions and treatment of warts can be done under local anesthesia during my usual surgery.

I am also capable of treating basic pediatric issues such as ear infections, flus, diarrhea etc.

Professionally I am mostly interested in:

  • traumas such as strain, sprain and burn injuries, fractures, wounds, commotions
  • inguinal and umbilical hernias, other lumps, tumors, malformations
  • genital problems like phimosis, undescended testis, labial synecchiae
  • stomach problems, reflux
  • constipation, wetting
  • back problems
  • athlete's problems
  • limb and joint pain, malformations, deformities

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Children and young people of all ages from newborns till early adulthood are welcome.