Appointment by phone

An appointment by phone is a booked, remote consultation that is subject to a charge. The doctor will call you at the agreed time.

How does the appointment by phone work?

Booking an appointment

You can book an appointment by calling the Pikkujätti appointment number +358 10 380 8000 or through the online appointment booking. You can see the available appointments in the online appointment booking by selecting the Pikkujätti appointment by phone as the medical centre from the search field.

If you cannot find an appropriate appointment by phone with the preferred specialist, please contact our helpdesk. We offer appointments by phone with certain specialists.

You will receive a confirmation concerning your appointment by phone as well as a reminder 24h before the booked appointment to the mobile phone number provided by you.

The doctor will call you at the agreed time from number +358 10 380 8000.

Please make sure that you are available and near your phone at that time. You cannot call the doctor back. For an uncancelled appointment by phone, we will charge 50% of the appointment price

Possible changes to the appointment must be made at least 12 hours before the booked appointment by calling the Pikkujätti appointment number +358 10 380 8000.

Please remember to check your contact information and update your phone number, if necessary, in our PikkuTiedot service to ensure that the doctor can reach you.


You can apply for the Kela reimbursement for the appointment by phone.

Which issues concerning the child can be addressed during the appointment by phone?

Problems related to the child’s health and disease can be addressed in remote appointments by phone, and the specialist can give instructions for solving problems and concerns.

The following issues, for example, can be handled during the appointment by phone:

  • Renewing prescriptions
  • Consulting the doctor about an issue addressed during the previous appointment (e.g. enuresis, constipation, asthma or allergies)
  • Follow-ups related to medication or diet tests
  • Allergy symptoms during the pollen season, asthma-related follow-up issues (prescription renewals, medication instructions)
  • Reviewing follow-up laboratory test results as agreed in advance, if the condition is not acute
  • Coronavirus-related questions.

Issues not handled by phone: acute emergencies, shortness of breath, chest pain, infections with severe symptoms or pain conditions. Antibiotics for treating infection diseases.

Antibiotic treatments require almost without exception a physical examination and/or laboratory tests. Central nervous system agents are not prescribed during the remote consultation.


Prescriptions are written, if necessary, into the Kanta system through our EMR system. Your prescriptions are available at all pharmacies with your Kela card.

A prerequisite for writing a prescription is that the doctor can assess the necessity of the medical treatment for the child. Children suffer significantly less from long-term illnesses than adults. Medical treatment of children is part of the their comprehensive care pathway, in which the necessity of each medicine is monitored and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Laboratory tests and other referrals

The remote doctor can write referrals to tests in the Pikkujätti laboratory, if it is not necessary to examine the patient before writing the referral. Future care and receiving the laboratory test results are separately agreed by the remote doctor and patient.

Referrals to further examinations or procedures are agreed with the doctor.


It is not possible to prepare a certificate for the employer concerning the child’s illness by phone, unless the illness has been previously treated during an appointment.

For example, diet certificates can be renewed in connection with an appointment by phone.

Before the remote consultation, please check the following:

Are the phone numbers and other contact information of the guardians up to date?

If your child is already a Pikkujätti customer, you can update the contact information included in your child’s information by yourself through the PikkuTiedot service or by calling the Pikkujätti helpdesk at +358 10 380 8000.

Have you approved the disclosure of patient data?

Consent to patient data disclosure can be given in the Omakanta service. When the child’s medical records can be accessed by all the treating parties, it is easier to ensure the continuation of the care and plan the care.

Has your child been recently treated or examined elsewhere?

Make sure that you have the medical records and examination results from other doctor’s appointments available before the appointment. Information concerning Pikkujätti visits can be found from our EMR system.

Does your child have a sickness insurance policy?

Check whether the remote consultation can be compensated by the insurance.

Is your child using any medication?

Make sure that you have the information on the medication, including its strength and dosage, available before the appointment.