Irina Björk lastenlääkäri

Irina Björk

Specialist in Paediatrics

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I am a widely knowledgeable empathetic and gentle pediatrician supporting families from infancy to young adulthood.

At my reception I handle, for example

  • infections in children
  • Pollen allergies, as well as initial investigations and symptoms of food allergies
  • watering and constipation
  • warts (with cryo-freezing treatment)
  • exchange student health checks
  • age checks at the clinic

Appointment reservation instructions

When booking on weekdays (Mon-Thu), the length of the basic reception is 20 minutes, but in the case of a first irrigation visit, an exchange student card or a matter requiring a longer discussion time, book 40 minutes and 60 minutes to sleep school. On weekends, the basic reception is 15 minutes and on-call.