Pikkujätti Tapiola

Pikkujätti Tapiola


Länsituuli 12, Shopping Center Ainoa, 2nd and 3rd floor
02100 ESPOO

+358 10 380 8000
+358 10 380 8099 (fax)

Helpdesk and appointments
+358 10 380 8000
Online appointment
Opening hours

MON – FRI  8 – 20
SAT – SUN  10 – 17

Special opening hours:

THU 14.4.  8 – 20
FRI 15.4.  10 – 17
SAT 16.4.  10 – 17
SUN 17.4.  10 – 17
MON 18.4.  10 – 17
SAT 30.4.  10 – 15
SUN 1.5.  10 – 17
THU 26.5.  10 – 17

Pikkujätti Tapiola moved to Shopping Centre Ainoa 11 January 2021

Pikkujätti Tapiola moved to a new, spacious facility in Shopping Centre Ainoa 11 January 2021. The new clinic is located only about 200 metres from the old clinic in address Länsituuli 12, Shopping Centre Ainoa, 2nd and 3rd floor, FI-02100 Espoo. Pikkujätti operates in the same facilities as Aava Medical Centre.

Medical services for children and young people since 1987

At Pikkujätti Tapiola Espoo, a specialist medical centre for children and young people, you can find specialists’ services and laboratory services, a procedure and surgery ward for children and an allergy unit. Pikkujätti has operated in the centre of Tapiola since 1987.

Welcome to the paediatric services of Pikkujätti Tapiola!

Children’s coronavirus testing in Tapiola

If you suspect that your child has contracted the coronavirus, please first book a (remote) appointment with a doctor. Please note that testing at Pikkujätti Tapiola is always based on a medical assessment. In other words, a doctor’s referral is always required for a coronavirus test. You can reserve a testing time for your child in the online booking system of Pikkujätti (select the clinic Pikkujätti asema and Koronatesti) or by calling our customer service number +358 (0)10 380 8000.

If the child or the adult accompanying the child suffers from one or several of the following symptoms, please check in with our staff upon your arrival at the clinic.

  • Fever
  • Cough/runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Diarrhoea/vomiting


Pikkujätti Tapiola is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the so-called old part of Shopping Centre Ainoa in the centre of Tapiola, Espoo, in address Länsituuli 12, FI-02100 Espoo. Aava Medical Centre also operates in the same facilities. How to arrive at Shopping Centre Ainoa.

Aava’s occupational health care facilities are located at street level on the second floor of the building, and the shared reception area of Aava and Pikkujätti, the consulting rooms and the laboratory are located on the third floor.

The Tapiola metro station has an indoor connection to Shopping Centre Ainoa and Pikkujätti Tapiola. Near the Emma statue in the platform area, take the escalator to the M level and head towards the bus terminal. Take a left to Ainoa and head towards the grocery shops (K-supermarket and Herkku). Next to the grocery shops, you will find the Tree lift that will take you to the third floor and to Pikkujätti.


The Tapiola bus terminal is located on the M level and connected to Shopping Centre Ainoa. Buses to Espoo leave from platforms 1–7 with direct access from the M level of the shopping centre. Buses to Helsinki leave from platforms 10 and 11. They are accessible through level 1 of the shopping centre.

When arriving at Pikkujätti Tapiola by bus from Espoo, take the escalator from the platform to Ainoa, turn left at the doors and then immediately take a right towards Stockmann. Walk past Stockmann until you find the Tree lift on your right-hand side. Take the lift to the third floor and to Pikkujätti.

When arriving at Pikkujätti Tapiola by bus from Helsinki, you will see Shopping Centre Ainoa directly in front of you when standing on the platform. Head towards the grocery shops (K-supermarket and Herkku) on the same floor to find the Tree lift next to them. Take the Tree lift to the third floor and to Pikkujätti.

If you are arriving at Pikkujätti Tapiola using public transport from the HSL area (Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kerava, Kirkkonummi and Sipoo), you can use HSL’s online route and schedule service.


Tapiola Park has 2,000 parking spaces. When driving to Pikkujätti Tapiola, choose the Tapiolantie roundabout from the east, drive into the parking area P0 and park your car as close to area A as possible to enter the shopping centre (the sign above the entrance reads Stockmann, Tapiolan keskus, Ainoa). Next to the grocery shops (K-supermarket and Herkku), you will find the Tree lift that will take you to the third floor and to Pikkujätti.

Sign up for the AINOA and Taskuparkki apps for two hours of free parking at Tapiola Park.

You can also find an outdoor parking area subject to a fee at the corner of Sokos Hotel Tapiola Garden. Pikkujätti is in the old part of Shopping Centre Ainoa (right-hand side building when seen from the parking area). Enter Ainoa between the old and the new building. Take the escalator to the third floor to find Pikkujätti.