Pikkujätti Järvenpää

Pikkujätti Järvenpää


Myllytite 1 A
Liikeskus Aalloppi
04410 Järvenpää

+358 10 380 8000
+358 10 380 8249 (fax)

Helpdesk and appointments
+358 10 380 8000
Online appointment
Opening hours

MON – THU  8 – 20
FRI  8 – 19
SAT – SUN  10 – 16

Special opening hours:
THU 26.5.  10 – 16
FRI 27.5.  8 – 15

Pikkujätti Järvenpää, which opened in March 2007, is a specialist medical centre for children and young people. In addition to specialist services for children and young people, the centre offers laboratory services and an allergy unit.


The children’s medical centre Pikkujätti Järvenpää is located in the centre of Järvenpää, in the Business Center Aalloppi near the railway station.
From the Järvenpää railway station you walk to Aalloppi in just a few minutes. You can easily arrive by car too, there are two hour parking spaces in the garage and upper yard.

Business Center Aalloppi:
You reach Pikkujätti Järvenpää by bus from nearby region with regular bus lines. R-train from Helsinki and Riihimäki leaves at about 30 min interval. The business center is located in the immediate vicinity of Järvenpää railway and bus station. For more timetables, see HSL and VR commuter trains.

You reach Pikkujätti Järvenpää by car, driving time from Tuusula is 16 min and from Mäntsälä 22 min. Business property own parking spots (111 pcs.) are found in the garage. More free parking space is found outside. You can reach the shopping center doors by car. There is an elevator in the premises.