Couples therapy

Couples therapy

The therapy starts by charting the couple’s wishes for their relationship and the goals of the therapy sessions. Sometimes, the couple wants to ponder whether to stay together, and to find out if it is possible to continue the relationship. Nowadays, almost half of marriages end up in divorce. Half of these divorces take place while the children are under school age. Help and advice may also be needed when considering how to minimise the harm to a child’s well-being when a couple is planning a separation. Later turning points in a relationship include, for example, the age at which children reach puberty or move away from home. People seek couples therapy for many reasons, including communication problems, age crises, infidelity, childlessness, dependency problems, or domestic violence. You may also seek help on your own, if your partner is not motivated to participate.

The couple therapist has knowledge about functional relationships, the factors affecting behaviour, stages of a relationship and relationship management. The therapist seldom gives direct advice, but he/she can help the couple to ponder the objectives of their lives and ways to achieve them. The therapist brings new perspective to the situation, looks at it as an outsider, equally from both spouses’ (and the children’s) point of view. The therapist does not take sides with anyone but works in favour of all.

The desired result of the therapy work is an increase in mutual understanding, the functionality of the relationship and the well-being of all family members. The parents’ relationship is the primary model from which children learn about a relationship between two adults, and is, therefore, of the uttermost importance. The duration of the therapy may vary from a few visits to a longer series of sessions.

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