Allergy examinations and treatments

Allergy examinations and treatments

Allergy testing is performed at all Pikkujätti centres. Testing requires a doctor’s referral, and a separate appointment is booked to perform the tests other than laboratorytesting. Our comprehensive selection includes allergy testing from a blood sample and exposure tests when a food allergy is suspected.

When making an appointment, you will be given exact instructions on how to prepare for the examinations. Blood samples are taken in the laboratory with a doctor’s referral, but no appointment is necessary. The results will be interpreted by a doctor.

Hyposensitization is an efficient treatment in allergic nose and eye symptoms and asthma caused by a pollen allergy. The purpose of the treatment is to increase the patient’s tolerance of the allergen in question.

Enquiries and appointments: Pikkujätti tel. +358 10 380 8000.

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