Pikkujätti Kamppi

Pikkujätti Kamppi

Kamppi, founded in January 2010, is a specialist medical centre for children and young people. In addition to specialist services for children and young people, the centre offers laboratory and ultrasound services, a child health centre and an allergy unit.

The children’s medical centre Pikkujätti Kamppi is easy to reach, since it is located in the heart of Helsinki near the Kamppi shopping centre at the address Annankatu 32 (entrance medical centre Aava). Take the lift to floor 2B and please register for your appointment directly to Pikkujätti.

Further information can also be found at the address:

Parking garages

P-Kamppi Europark
P-CityForum Europark

Contact Info

Annankatu 32, 2B nd floor
00100 Helsinki
+358 10 380 8000
+358 10 380 8299 (fax)

Opening Hours

MON-FRI 8-20
SAT 10-17
SUN 10-20

10. – 13.4.   10 – 16