Veera Kankkunen Breastfeeding counsellor, Midwife, Nurse

Veera Kankkunen

Breastfeeding counsellor, Midwife, Nurse

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I'm passionate about breastfeeding counselling and I'm very knowledgeable on various challenges mums can face on their breastfeeding journey. I have years of experience on supporting new families right after delivery as well as in later stages of babyhood through my work at the clinic. As well as being a qualified midwife (nurse) and breastfeeding counsellor I'm also trained to recognise anatomical abnormalities in the baby's mouth including tongue tie.

  • Breastfeeding counselling can help you with:
  • checking baby's latch and feeding positions and if needed improve these
  • pain while feeding
  • challenges with baby's weight gain
  • moving from combi feeding to exclusively breastfeeding
  • checking baby's mouth for abnormalities

At my clinic you will always be welcomed without a rush as an individual. You will receive tips and advice to day to day with a baby as well as breastfeeding. I look forward to helping you!