Minna Valkeapää

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, midwife

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Do you have any problems with breastfeeding? I’m here to help you! I am a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and a midwife, and I offer consultation and support in all kinds of issues concerning breast/chestfeeding, infant feeding and lactation. You are warmly welcome to meet me at Pikkujätti Itäkeskus!

Reasons for booking a consultation with me may include, for example * insecurity or worries considering breastfeeding * breastfeeding pain * positioning * problems with baby’s latch * concerns about tongue or lip tie, also post-operational treatement and check-ups * weaning from formula supplements * baby’s fussiness at the breast * problems with baby’s weight gain * formula feeding, combination feeding * concerns about milk production * blocked milk ducts and mastitis * use of or weaning from nipple shield or other breastfeeding devices * starting solids * pumping of breastmilk * returning to work and continuation of breastfeeding * pre-natal planning of breastfeeding

Regardless of your situation, I will support you with competence and warmth, individually with your specific needs and wishes in mind.