Children’s coronavirus testing

Children’s coronavirus testing

If your child shows symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, you suspect they may have contracted the coronavirus or you otherwise need coronavirus testing, please contact our customer service number +358 (0)10 380 8000. We carry out coronavirus tests based on a medical assessment. In other words, a doctor’s referral is always required for a coronavirus test.

Can it be COVID?

When a child suffers from flu-like symptoms, guardians may worry whether they might have COVID-19. However, children are rarely diagnosed with COVID-19, which is why it is likely that the respiratory tract symptoms are caused by something other than the coronavirus. A coronavirus infection diagnosed in the family substantially increases the child’s risk of getting infected.

Symptoms of COVID-19

The symptoms of COVID-19 are identical to the most common respiratory tract infections caused by viruses. The symptoms include:

  • fever
  • cough
  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • headache
  • gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhoea (rare)

Only a few COVID-19 infections have been diagnosed in children at Pikkujätti, and all of the infected children have only shown mild symptoms.

Despite the mild symptoms, it is important to diagnose all COVID-19 infections so that the child can be quarantined and the spread of the disease, especially to risk groups, can be avoided.

It is equally important to find other infections causing the symptoms, such as influenza and angina.

What to do when my child shows symptoms of a respiratory tract infection or when I suspect they might have COVID-19?

If your child is showing symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, Pikkujätti has quick tests for both the coronavirus and other diseases. We use an antigen test to test for coronavirus and the results arrive in about 30 minutes.

We also carry out PCR testing for coronavirus, and the results are ready in 1 day.

The doctor will decide which test(s) is/are best for your child’s situation. We will not require you to order a specific type of test.

If your child shows symptoms of a respiratory tract infection, you suspect they may have contracted the coronavirus or you otherwise need coronavirus testing, please contact our customer service number +358 (0)10 380 8000. We will book a remote or a physical appointment for you. A physical appointment makes it possible to carry out any examinations right away.

If your child receives an electronic referral to a coronavirus PCR test during a remote appointment, you can reserve a testing time in the online booking system of Pikkujätti (select the service Koronatesti) or by calling our customer service number +358 (0)10 380 8000. Remember to have your child’s Kela card on hand. You will receive an SMS confirming the appointment.

If the doctor decides that the criteria for coronavirus testing are not met, you will be given instructions for home care.

Which Pikkujätti clinics carry out coronavirus testing?

All of Pikkujätti medical centres carry out coronavirus testing.
Aava Medical Centre also offers coronavirus testing. Learn more on the Aava website.

Preparing and arriving for coronavirus test

The child must stay at home in quarantine-like conditions while waiting for the testing appointment and test results.

Please arrive for your appointment and test right on time. Do not arrive too early for safety reasons. Please have the child accompanied by only one parent and no siblings. We recommend arriving for the test by car.

We take the safety precautions recommended by authorities in all care settings and maintain a particularly high level of hygiene. All patients with symptoms of an infection are directed to a designated area in our clinics. It is safe to visit us.

The test samples are taken in the Pikkujätti clinic designed for children. Our nurses are used to testing children and know how to address any fear or nervousness. The sample is taken with a swab from the nasopharynx (nostril). The sampling process might feel unpleasant, but it is over very quickly.

Coronavirus test results

The results of the antigen test arrive in about two hours.

The results of the coronavirus PCR test are ready in about 1 day. During this time, the tested child must stay at home in quarantine-like conditions.

If you have given the clinic your mobile phone number when you booked the appointment and have authorised the clinic to send your care instructions and test results to your phone, you will receive the coronavirus test (PCR) results by SMS.

If your child’s coronavirus test result is negative but you need home care instructions or a plan for further treatment, agree on the contact method with the treating doctor.

In the event of a positive result, the doctor will give you instructions on home care and the next steps as agreed in advance.

Price and payment of coronavirus testing for children and young people

The price of coronavirus PCR testing at Pikkujätti is EUR 218,40. After the Kela deduction, the customer’s excess is EUR 118,40.

The price for coronavirus antigen testing (including other necessary virus samples, such as influenza) at Pikkujätti is EUR 175,40. After the Kela deduction, the customer’s excess is EUR 117,40.

The tests can be paid at for the clinic.

Please note that a (remote) appointment or telephone appointment is charged for separately.