Ultrasound examinations

Ultrasound examinations

Pikkujätti has modern equipment and doctors who specialise in children’s ultrasound examinations.

An ultrasound is a painless examination, in which the child is not exposed to radiation.

The examinations require an appointment and referral. Referral to the examinations is written by the child’s attending physician.

For example, the following ultrasound examinations can be performed at Pikkujätti:
– heart ultrasound (echocardiogram)
– abdominal ultrasound
– urinary tract ultrasound
– neck ultrasound
– joint ultrasound
– scrotal ultrasound
– head ultrasound on babies
– skin ultrasound, including lumps
– lower limb veins ultrasound
– inguinal and/or abdominal wall ultrasound

Enquiries and appointments: Pikkujätti Kamppi tel. +358 10 380 8000.

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