Paediatric cardiology

Paediatric cardiology

A paediatric cardiologist is a specialist in children’s heart diseases and blood circulation.

A heart murmur is relatively common in children, but the majority of causes are harmless; so-called flow sounds or physiological murmurs.  However, because some congenital, structural heart defects are not discovered until the child grows older, any murmur should always be taken seriously. A paediatric cardiologist performs an echocardiogram, when required (see link).

Heart rhythm disorders, arrhythmia, may also occur in children, and this possibility can be examined using an ECG.

Chest radiograph examinations and blood pressure measurements are also routine examinations performed for the purpose of examining a child’s heart and blood circulation. Paediatric cardiologists also monitor the condition of young patients who have had a heart operation.

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