Price list

Price list

January 1st 2021.

Consultations with specialists:

20 min appointments start from €95
30 min appointments start from €105

Appointments on Saturdays:
20 min appointments start from €130

Appointments on Sundays and national holidays:
20 min appointments start from €160

Office fee €20,90.

Kanta services
Private healthcare service providers are obligated to pay their share of the costs for the National Archive of Health Information (Kanta services). Pikkujätti must pay for the Kanta services and, in order to cover these costs, we are collecting from our customers an additional fee of EUR 2.00/visit for doctor’s appointments and procedures. The fee also covers costs incurred by the ePrescription service.

PikkuTsätti Online consultation with a physician is €69 per consultation on weekdays. On weekends and national holidays, the price is €89 per consultation.

The service can be used for getting a prescription for a child in cases where the attending physician considers the prescribed medication to be necessary for the child’s treatment, based on information given through the teleconsultation service, without an actual visit to the clinic.

We charge for nurse’s visits and other procedures according to the price list of the Pikkujätti centres.

A detailed price list is available at the Pikkujätti centres.
We reserve the right to make price adjustments.

Please notice that from March 22, 2021 onwards we will no longer accept cash as a payment method. Thereafter, only debit and credit cards, Pikkujätti/Aava –account (Resurs Bank Ab) and  insurance company payment commitments are accepted.