PikkuTsätti Service Description

PikkuTsätti Service Description

Pikkujätti’s PikkuTsätti service is a pioneer in children’s remote care. We have renewed and updated the PikkuTsätti service for our customers. The relevant features have not changed; you have been served by children’s care specialists from the beginning of the service and this unique concept will naturally continue with the help of Finnish paediatricians.

Siirry Pikkutsättiin tästä

In PikkuTsätti, you can talk about all issues related to the child’s health or disease with a paediatrician via a mobile device, computer or tablet. You can contact the paediatrician in Finland or from abroad, as long as there is an Internet connection available. In this service, a remote doctor, paediatrician, assesses the care need and advises to go see a doctor, if necessary, or gives instructions for home care. This service was designed to facilitate contacting and to remove uncertainties related to the need of seeing a doctor.

It is easy to send photographs, videos and other documents through the service.

A wide range of problems can be addressed though remote care. It must be kept in mind that the approach to children’s diseases is, on average, more comprehensive than the approach to adult’s diseases. For children, it is often challenging to express their problems with the same degree of precision as adults. For this reason, the child must usually be carefully examined at the doctor’s office, and this is the case especially with younger children.

PikkuTsätti is not intended for emergencies or other urgent care.
If your child needs immediate care, please contact the Emergency Response Centre immediately by calling 112.

Information security

PikkuTsätti operates in a secured environment. You can register in the service using your personal online banking IDs or a mobile ID as a strong identification tool. When acting on behalf of another person, such as a child, we use real-time verification of the right for acting on behalf of someone else received from the population register in order to ensure that nobody else can act on behalf of your child.

You can act on behalf of your child until the child turns 11 years. Young people can also contact the service by themselves (or together with their guardians), if they have personal strong identification tools, such as personal online banking IDs.

Your child does not have to be Pikkujätti’s customer. You and your child are warmly welcome to PikkuTsätti. Our paediatrician will make an entry of your child’s remote care consultation in our EMR system, and you can also find information on your contact from the Kanta services

Provision of service and opening hours

The service is available every day of the year. Opening hours are on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., on weekends and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

PikkuTsätti’s paediatrician aims to reply immediately after you have written the message in the service. If the service is busy, it may take a moment for you to receive a response but no longer than 30 minutes. You will receive an SMS sent to the telephone number provided by you, after the paediatrician has answered your question. You cannot respond to this SMS, all discussion takes place in PikkuTsätti.

Payment and price list

The system asks for your payment card information upon registration and makes a cover reservation. After using the service, your consultation will be charged from your payment card within a couple of days and you will receive a receipt to the email address provided by you.

The price of the service is on weekdays EUR 49/contact, on weekends and Sundays EUR 59/contact (the fee includes all the messages and possible prescriptions).

Kela reimbursements or direct debiting of insurance companies are not used in the PikkuTsätti service.

Which issues can be dealt with during the remote consultation?

All problems related to the child’s health and disease can be addressed in remote consultations, and the specialist can give instructions for solving problems and concerns.


Prescriptions are written, if necessary, into the Kanta system through our EMR system. Your prescriptions are available at all pharmacies with your Kela card.

A prerequisite for writing a prescription is that the remote doctor can assess the necessity of the medical treatment for the child. Children suffer significantly less from long-term illnesses than adults. Medical treatment of children is part of the their comprehensive care pathway, in which the necessity of each medicine is monitored and assessed on a case-by-case basis.
This service is not intended for prescription renewal in situations where it would replace an annual follow-up or a follow-up visit related to, for example, asthma. The remote doctor can help when, for example, a prescription medication and/or first aid medication runs out just before the next follow-up visit.

The remote doctor can prescribe medicine when the status of the disease can be assessed based on a sufficiently unambiguous description and photographs. Examples of this are:

  • Medicines for pain and fever
  • Self-care medicine used to treat a flu and medicine for relieving symptoms
  • Medicine for eye infection
  • Medicine for allergy symptoms
  • Different kinds of ointments for rash and skin manifestations
  • Medicine for pinworm infections and evicting external parasites
  • Laxatives for short-term use
  • Water balance products in connection with a stomach flu
  • Probiotics and other medicine for functional stomach disorders
  • Medicine for travel sickness for older children
  • Vitamins

The remote doctor cannot prescribe antibiotics for infections (with the exception of topical medication). Treatments require almost without exception a physical examination and/or laboratory tests. Central nervous system agents are not prescribed during the remote consultation.


In some situations, the remote doctor may write a referral to Pikkujätti’s laboratory, if it is not necessary to examine the patient before writing the referral, for example, in connection with repeated streptococcal infections in the family (asymptomatic family members can take the tests). Future care and receiving the laboratory test results are separately agreed by the remote doctor and patient.


It is not possible to provide a medical certificate for the care of a sick child, for example, to the employer.