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The Pikkujätti hospital operates in Tapiola in Espoo and in  Itäkeskus in Helsinki. As Pikkujätti hospital only handles day surgeries and minor procedures, patients do not stay overnight at the facility, but are discharged the same day as their procedure.

Day surgery operations require that the patient is otherwise healthy at the time of the procedure.

The Pikkujätti medical centres have modern, functional facilities and equipment. After waking from general anaesthesia, a child remains with the parents/escort in a comfortable recovery room until he/she can be safely discharged.

Anaesthetic procedures are performed by anaesthesiologists who specialise in children’s anaesthesia.

The following day surgery operations are performed at the Pikkujätti hospital under general anaesthesia by specialists:

  • ear tubing (tympanic membrane tubing, or tympanostomy)
  • removal of the pharyngeal tonsil
  • palatine tonsil operations
  • flushing of the sinus maxillaris
  • frenulotomy (tongue tie operation)
  • hernia operations
  • medical circumcisions
  • removal of moles, lumps, eruptions of the skin etc.
  • gastroscopy
  • probing of the nasolacrimal duct

The operation is scheduled in advance, and the patient is given instructions on how to prepare for the operation.

The need for surgery is assessed by a specialist (in practice, this refers to specialists in ear, nose and throat diseases and paediatric surgeons). The probing of the nasolacrimal duct is performed by an ophthalmologist (in co-operation with the Aava Medical Centre).

Enquiries and contacts primarily at Pikkujätti Itäkeskus or Pikkujätti Tapiola, tel. +358 10 380 8000.

Pikkujätti Itäkeskus
Shopping mall Itis
Itäkatu 7, 2nd floor
00930 Helsinki

Pikkujätti Tapiola
Länsituulentie 1 A, 2nd floor
02100 Espoo